Questions Bank

About Bank of questions:

A safe place to put a variety of questions at different levels in estimating capacity and easy way to withdraw or add a bunch of different questions and curriculum units classified and stored in computer memory questions according to prefabricated program, certain models are calibrated by using special software.

Purposes and uses of banking questions:

• Achieving objectivity in evaluating academic achievement for students

• Opportunity to measure student achievement, so can the Bank covers where course content or in terms of different cognitive levels.

The time and effort to provide holistic faculty member in building collections and tests it with good tests of banks questions according to the specifications and curriculum objectives.

•تخفيض anxiety and dread and stress associated with exams position using samples of the Bank's ongoing calendar items during the school year so students are accustomed to this kind of substantive questions and this does not affect the confidentiality of exams.

• Get equal images of tests according to the specifications of the constituent items of the Bank

• Substantive comparison between the level of student achievement whatever varied tests used and no matter how different levels of groups you belong to, whatever, as long as the items were phased and calibrated and put it in the Bank one depending on what's called the process of Equating parity

Steps to build a Bank of questions:

Select the frame of reference for the Bank in the light of the learning outcomes acquired target for students to reach Bank of questions in each discipline question bank build steps as follows:-

1. the questions Bank management team all academic Department Faculty

2. composition of the staff of the Faculty curriculum

3. build a vocabulary question bank according to the following steps:-

A-identification of learning outcomes of the curriculum content (knowledge – understanding – app – analysis)

B determine the types of questions (open pans-woks restricted – multiple choice. etc.)

C formulation of 5 questions at least meet each output of learning outcomes

4. the judge the quality build vocabulary question bank by choosing non-experts involved in putting questions to rule on questions of where honesty and inclusiveness and cognitive level is appropriate for the student and select a sample survey of students.

5. correct answers to the vocabulary of feedback: preparing a guide to answer forms, correction and chose the graders and steady testing patch and continue debugging operations.

6-Bank new vocabulary enrichment.

Syntax rules for questions:

1. a link out to question one of the important outcomes of learning

2. the parent contains very specific problem question

3. to formulate the problem in question accurately.

4. the question must be concise

5. avoid negative language whenever possible

6. If the question is about the definition of the term it is best to put the term in question and then give the alternative definitions as dispersants

Banks management questions:

1. create an academic and technical team to manage a Bank of questions.

2. create a database to enter and save all the questions will be developed. Boasthaadaa Faculty of various kinds with an introduction and background interfaces review questions.

3. renewal information question Bank through specialized committees

4. feed the question bank with a large number of questions which is organizing the Bank of questions is important, as it is difficult to achieve the desired bank interest without careful planning and management. Creative methods of drawing questions and test vocabulary, and continued development of bank stocks, additions and deletions of his score, and the control procedures and follow up processes and supervise and control its movement all require accurate regulatory procedures, technical controls, touchstones as requiring administrative body should be responsible for the efficient question bank.

5. questions and test vocabulary is the raw material used in the construction of the tests, so the design and construction of these questions and review them carefully review is precisely the most important stages. So should this stage veteran experts and at the highest level of efficiency in the construction of various types of questions and test vocabulary especially in higher levels of skill and knowledge.

6. feed the flexible mechanism questions via bank account: commitment and renewal – a continuous update of statistics and data-matching with official texts the widest possible participation of professors.

7. practical training to build banks questions and methods of addition and deletion, for banks (Software) using computers through statistical programs.

8. statistical analysis of the results after the test.

Automated system for Bank of questions (question bank on the Internet):

Addy technological evolution almaasarali rise the number of banks building software questions and related software and based on contemporary theories of measurement and calendar to create a Bank of questions depends on a set of information systems and operations which are: storage, indexing, and retrieval via computer usage, especially in the case of banks, big questions this requires three types of software in this area for example : -

1. programme information database suitable for storage, enquiry and retrieval and printing paper testing, this program will be built in response to the requirements of the education system.

2. a statistical analysis program items, and it needs to know, inter alia, statistics, measurement and evaluation.

3. programme to correct the test items and write a report on the test results,

4. the school objectives entry screen: primary and secondary goals

5. the actual questions entry screen for various types of decisions and questions for each question and answer time period and the degree of difficulty and determine the goals of the decision.

6 different models of synthesizers screen all sorts of examinations, both written and practical separation of work — the possibility of review by a professor.

7. different models of synthesizers screen all sorts of questions for training both written and practical separation of work — the possibility of review by a Professor of art.

8. a screen to evaluate models of training and examination by a member of the coaching and feedback.

9. the possibility of review questions and exam finalized and evaluated before use.


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