The idea of the system:

The cognitive progress measured by the accuracy and the possibility to measure the measurement process this work campus are needed to answer that say that the subject of measurement is the human's organism understands and learns and thinks and remembers and is influenced by the ocean and draw on the surrounding environment and take them for his material and measured so we need measurement, not only this but we need the educational evaluation to ensure the validity and legitimacy of the measurement.

As we observe the assessment is in our lives and fully linked every moment we are going through and we use it and we're dealing with in order to identify the indicators that we came up with a match between knowledge and performance, the education system in university institutions needs to achieve its goals by urging lecturers to use measurement and evaluation methods to help learners to pass school to serve their ambitions in the transition to working life according to the time specified in the order with the exact dimensions of scientific work in the school exams.

Measurement and evaluation concept:

The learning process is designed to bring about a change in behavior of the learner, whether knowingly or dynamically, as the concept of educational evaluation in a broad sense it is a systematic process that has the aim of collecting and analyzing data to determine the degree of educational goals and make decisions in order to address the shortcomings and provide proper growth of the individual, family or school through the restructuring of the educational environment. If we examine the concept of educational calendar succour plays an essential and important in the educational process, which is learning control tool for the teaching process, and may be before starting the teaching process or during or after finalized in order to provide decision makers (as master) with feedback about the course practical teaching and student performance and their strengths and their weaknesses and how they achieve the objectives and the degree of relevance to them, and the calendar not only to assist in making decisions for success and failure rates but also to improve Teaching and development.

Scaling: is the process by which we get a picture of the amount of the phenomenon when an individual, a specific theme.

Successful calendar process derives its importance through properties that boils down to continuity as long as the educational process is ongoing, and inclusiveness so that different growth aspects – motor and cognitive and emotional-they care about balance in personal development and learner cooperative where involved in the evaluation process the teacher and learner and Manager and supervisor and mentor. Etc. And he described a number of educators calendar process safety valve operation teaching tool control, through which the decision maker can direct the educational process and take correct decisions about the learner and institution, so studies confirmed the need to give teachers a sentence of competent people to be actors in their sites, these competencies enough calendar being a fundamental pillar of the teaching process in particular and education in General, and from these elements enough give teachers the minimum information and skills in the area of the calendar and its strategies to assist in making Its decisions.

Objectives of the tests:

In the light of the contemporary concept of testing whether half quarterly quarterly or can achieve a number of goals, summarized in the following:

1 measure the level of student achievement and identify strengths and weaknesses.

2 classification of students into groups, and measure their progress in art.

3 prediction of performance in the future.

4 detecting individual differences between students who Excel either of them, or were slow or ordinary education.

5 activate realistic education, transfer students by row, opening degrees and certificates.

6 identify the development of curricula, programmes and curricula.

Assessment by exams:

  • Linking tests previously scheduled plan processed by defining tests for decision.

  • Using the latest technological methods in processing tests.

  • Equip thoughtful scientific tests based on world rankings.

  • Using a distribution matrix weights and questions for processing tests.

  • Possibility to export the test generator of the system in the form of a printed paper or editable format (Doc) by Microsoft Word or PDF

  • Supports online tests (Online).

  • To import test results if applied outside the system.

  • Linking the results statistics for system tests (SPSS) in order to access the scientific reports are correct.

  • Easy processing of final grades in addition to the possibility of using equations convert degrees.


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