The idea of the system:

Questionnaire research tools is becoming more common and more recently as a growing number of scientific research on this subject so that he became the first tool that gathers information using a questionnaire (Questionnaire) which can test any homework for study or research in the selection tool (Instrument) suitable for any research should be clearly what problem and refer to previous studies and know the actual number of representative sampling study society before designing the research instrument that should fit the nature of the problem And research methodology may be user (questionnaire) or) interview) or (note) or (codified test (. because each tool has its force the Finder to take without the other, a tool that collects a data analyst or researcher or studies on the subject might not be useful to collect information on another subject because each tool pros and cons and postulates upon which it is based.

So the researcher must understand when to use the right tool for the subject, sample of his choice, and the curriculum, homework or questions formulated by research that intends to do, this system puts in front of the student or researcher or analyst or even evaluator in College useful methodology and set of rules for building survey, shows the nectarines and how to formulate questions and phrases and methods presented.

Concept and characteristics of the questionnaire:

Scientific research methods experts disagree on the meaning of "questionnaire language" the word translated means

Request for expression of what in particular they did Esteban and strips of Japan, due to translation of Questionnaire survey or referendum but not translated. But some people confuse this

Terms as synonymous with this error because the referendum poll which opinion with


And some specialists in scientific research methods uses the term Schedute is synonymous with the term Questionnaire and others point to the existence of their professional teams since the questionnaire is distributed through the mail or forms given to respondents to fill without assistance or supervision, the term Schedute is filled and portable form that implements the form or filled with his presence.

Some have developed a definition for each synonym for this term as follows:

Identification, information gathering form, referendum, intelligence. Etc and these designations differ in letter but its meaning and its meaning very tight used for expressing the same term,

And clear on when put before the reader some definitions of the above titles, and then move on to the conventional definition of each.

First: Poll:

Taken from pollen and just pick the thing will request had appeared and his mind: what is considered, it may be argued researching it his opinion,

And the thing was gone when his tongue: explore what is considered opinion.

Secondly: the referendum:

He asks her if he saw her vision give an advisory opinion is said to have passed it to him and aftith in great matter: If I replied, Quraan has used the referendum question in many places means mentioned in surat al-women-ask your legal instruction concerning the women say Allah instructs) 127 (stated in surah Yusuf-PAL prison either one of you, with a hoe a housewife alcohol and other solidify devour a bird from his head over the poll (41)-King said I see seven fat cows, lean eaten corn cob is seven, and seven Khadr and another hard, Mullah please enlighten me in my vision if yous all vision (43).

III: the questionnaire:

Questionnaire meaning back and it turns out, explore and thing Arafa, derived from the questionnaire appeared, it turns out, it turns out. There were many in the Koran, the Almighty said (as well as separate verses and for identifying criminals. Kismet despite previous similar semantics mean in scientific research of this scientific evidence,

We find the previous probable language definitions seen in the use of the term referendum on pronouncing a questionnaire or a survey, or otherwise, to its promotion in the Qur'an in a pronunciation meaning in scientific research as we will see it later.

Therefore the questionnaire used in this report is a translation of the English term Questionnaire does not mean that we don't acknowledge the other titles but to unify the term only to maintain the methodology of the report and the fact that the term is more popular and widely used in the paint and do not alter the psychological feelings in terminology.

General characteristics of the questionnaire:

There are many characteristics that distinguishes a questionnaire from other other search tools, to avoid prolixity confine ourselves to mention the following properties as dots:

• It is possible to use the questionnaire if search personnel deployed in spotty and difficult to contact them personally.

• The questionnaire cost, effort and time compared to other other information collection tools.

• Survey respondents gave ample opportunity to answer questions accurately, especially if the type of the required data related to the family it is possible to consult together in mobilizing collective answers.

• Allow members not to write data at times they see fit them without limit by time researcher arrives to collect data.

• Questionnaire available conditions of rationing than other data collection tools are available as a result of rationing in terms and order of the questions and record responses.

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