Course and Members Evaluation

The idea of the system:

The growing interest in the application of quality and standards in the last few years to improve education in General, including higher education based on regular routes linked to what is known as "quality assurance".

It is an Arab efforts of meetings, conferences and seminars at the regional and global levels, focusing on the importance of applying the standards of quality in higher education as the most effective solutions to contemporary challenges and low level of higher education, as stated in its recommendations emphasize the need to establish quality control mechanisms and culture calendar and rely on Arabic universities, adopting quality standards. In traditional and non-traditional higher education.

There are many other Arab efforts at universities to improve quality and guaranteed, under the title "quality assurance" for example: Arabic universities Union, UNESCO, UNDP, etc. Despite these efforts, however, the many and growing challenges facing tertiary education system limit its effectiveness and quality and assurance standards reflected, perhaps the most notable of these challenges, significant increase of student numbers, limited funding, and the proliferation of special education, eLearning, and the expansion of globalization and to add new challenges reflected on the quality of teaching performance, focusing on quantity of knowledge and lack of attention to quality, Maha has a creative thinking, self and other. The responsibility for teaching on University Professor, to add other roles to be performed, such as scientific research and community service.

New posts to the faculty member in the twenty-first century, is creative teaching, scientific research, sober, and effective training and holding art workshops and continuing education, community service and humanitarian teaching Ka and Professor notably roles, making him the pivotal element in the educational system, as it is responsible for part of the application, its teaching practices; access to good quality of students enjoy high degrees of quality, and distinguished professor who uses effective methods in teaching is the key to high quality standards (accessibility (to achieve standards Quality in higher education must be based on the development of the performing, Professor of efficiencies associated with quality standards, (educational inputs, processes, and outputs) this system seeks to highlight it through the performance evaluation of University Professor.

Where the use of methods and means of the calendar in different areas of life is crucial when many institutions and State bodies and organizations of the calendar of instrumental in improving the role of these institutions. Many universities and institutes of higher education in different countries to develop faculty performance, follow through and evaluate the teaching practices.

There are common methods of evaluating performance of faculty members or all used in universities such as:

• Evaluate the performance of University Professor by the deans and department heads and coworkers.

• Evaluate the performance of University Professor by the same Professor urged to evaluate themselves (self-calendar)

• Evaluate the performance of University Professor by Student calendar for teachers, this is the most used method in Professor work calendar and Maha a professional organization.

Undergrad calendar issue represents for a central issue Professor mission under the most important component in the education system and the intended calendar component.

It is important for modern trends in polarization measurement and evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process in developed countries they don't find enough attention. So the Student calendar for Professor aims to give the Professor an appreciation annually saves the file until it is needed when needed, or compare the performance of another Professor Professor performance, but to try to identify strengths and weaknesses in the teaching process, especially those associated with the Professor either professional or personal qualities hand, trying to detect the fact that partial impact to the professor in the educational process.

It is understood that universities were responsible for creating professional competencies and upgrading academic climate and supporting educational desires and pay scientific competence to degrees of creativity and workmanship and detection and innovation for the benefit of communities and to the world of hope. Requiring continuous operations and proper substantive and realistic for everyone who works at the University. So he became a calendar faculty members at universities and higher institutes commonplace in all the countries of the developed world, but rarely takes place in institutions of higher education in third world countries, except in the case of the pilot year or on occasions promotions, thought that the sizes and reluctance to evaluate faculty performance due to the deep belief that the academic professors should not be attacked or subjected to evaluation, so the Professor absolute freedom (traditional) duty of teaching the way and how he thinks it's appropriate. This seems to be a legacy mode on his way to change both wanted academics or not answering, as witness the universities in many third world many changes in an attempt to keep up with developed countries in the world, as well as educational institutions and consumer organizations will cost the State a lot of material resources, it outputs must be able to cover the costs accruing to them and this can only be achieved through periodic review of each element of the educational process through the calendar and indicate strengths and weaknesses .

But we're still relying on the traditional method of evaluating teaching staff the aforementioned purposes – upgrade – making education free and complacency and lack of sophistication and goal came from the idea of the system to include the important axis (students) in the teaching process in a statement his opinion to being in direct contact with the faculty member.

Student assessment and his positive contribution to the development of academic performance and to assist in decision making for polluters, especially if students are graduate students.

Faculty performance calendar bases
You can play some higher education institutions, the adoption of principles and criteria to assess the teaching process commensurate with their status, as follows:

A teaching process calendar form distribution at least once to the old faculty members during the academic year of full or part-timers.

B the teaching process calendar form distribution of materials examined by new faculty members in both chapter I and chapter II of the school year.

C teaching process calendar form distribution to faculty members who received average poor performance in a particular season.

D the teaching process calendar form distribution on the Faculty for special cases recommended by the Department head or Dean.

We found that the altedrish member is one of the most important elements in the process of developing and improving the output of higher education down to excellence, higher education institutions should interest calendar faculty members and making plans to do so, as one of the most important requirements for achieving enterprise quality assurance. The most important conclusion follows this order:

1. the need for attention to higher education institutions in the process of evaluating performance of faculty members and linking the process of annual incentives.

2. objectivity in the assessment process not limited to a particular party and the participation of all parties involved in the teaching process of students and Department head and Dean and fellows in one section, adding to the Faculty Member himself.

3. the adoption of the principle of participation through engaging faculty member in planning and implementation in the same calendar.

4. comprehensive evaluation process us-motion on the faculty member's duties of teaching and research and community service, according to the regulations and instructions for the institution to which he belongs.

5. agile methodology calendar so that they can be adapted to the objectives of the educational institution which emerge faculty member duties, adopting measurable calendar variables.

6. provide member feedback and final recommendations for the benefit of enhancing strengths and address weaknesses.

And the educational institution to be helpful in providing advice and guidance and provide the means

To address the vulnerabilities scientifically and objectively.

7. need experimented calendar results by institution to develop plans for rehabilitation of the faculty members academically and professionally.

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