It is known that three major jobs University teaching, research, and community service among these jobs brings out teaching and scientific research as the most important and dynamic teaching is the basic function of all higher education institutions since it occupies a great deal of time teaching and ideas and great impact on University students in terms of the composition of their personalities and develop their abilities and talents. And University faculty member is basic and fundamental element in the educational process for driving educational work and deals with directly affect students in scientific and social composition, and develop institutions and carry the burdens of its scientific and practical. Community service and qualification University teaching a TQM system components that are accredited higher education calendar.

What is meant by academic file?
Academic performance can be defined as: the faculty member of tasks and activities within or outside the University, to achieve goals and expectations of the community.

And then teaching performance is one aspect of academic performance to a faculty member at the University, and teaching performance calendar for faculty is one of the most important pillars of the accreditation process for universities, where many universities and higher education institutes in different countries to develop faculty performance, follow through and evaluate the teaching practices.

Companies in order to perform this task in addition to academic assessment process for faculty member at the University level, there must be an integrated archiver system contains all the data and information and practical and scientific papers are needed by faculty member in addition to the authority in the process value in order to follow all the cards and the practical and scientific activities and research by faculty member at the level of the semester so be authorised through evaluation of the University operates.

Academic file system faculty member:

An integrated rollup archive all information and private data and science.
Division of information whether personal or academic or scientific as easy-to-use tabs.
Possible addition to file quarterly for each activity in or outside the University.
Connect all the data with a comprehensive evaluation process balgamau scientific research and community service, for example.
From the above we conclude that academic alalmf contains all the scientific and practical and academic data by faculty member on Friday on several levels which not only on academic level as the courses taught at the University but also the activities and scientific activities such as research projects and international scientific journals and scientific papers that help supplement the University on the subject of scientific research which will affect
On the academic level in college.

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